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Research Locations: Tvan

Ownership: USFS - UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
Found within (2nd Order): Niwot Ridge (USFS - UNESCO Biosphere Reserve)

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Tvan T-Van, photo credit: John Knowles

Data From: Tvan

Site Information:


T-Van (3480 m asl) is an alpine fellfield characterized by strong wind scour and low snow retention. The name T-Van originates from “treeline van”, and the site marks the boundary between krummholz to the east and alpine tundra to the west. The site name also refers to two small trailers (vans) delivered in 1967 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to house greenhouse gas-sampling equipment. In that year, the NOAA Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gas (CCGG) group established Niwot Ridge (at T-Van) as the first of their cooperative air-sampling network of sites. Weekly flask measurements of carbon dioxide (CO2) and bi-weekly measurements of the 13C/12C isotopic ratio of CO2 have been collected at T-Van ever since. Additional instrumentation at or near T-Van includes two eddy covariance towers and an Autonomous Inexpensive Robust CO2 Analyzer (AIRCOA).

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Measurement and observation location(s) in Tvan:
East of Tvan, Tvan, Fahey data logger, North of Tvan, Nutnet site, Trough, Tvan data logger, NEON advanced tower, NEON site

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