Outreach Students on the Tundra

Child making a journal

Child making a journal

Mon, April 18, 2005

NWT LTER has an outreach program to elementary and middle school students in the Boulder/Denver area through a collaborative effort with Science Discovery (1998-2000) a local program based at the University of Colorado, Bixby School (1999-2000) in Boulder, and Wild Bear Science School (1999-2000) in Nederland, a mountain town located near the Mountain Research Station (MRS).

  • Watching for pikas
    Watching for pikas
  • Cable Gate
    Cable Gate
  • Child journal
    Child journal
  • Class 2000
    Class 2000
  • Clint and students
    Clint and students
  • Clint identifying conifers
    Clint identifying conifers
  • Hector showing scat
    Hector showing scat
  • T-Van stop
    T-Van stop
  • Identifying flowers
    Identifying flowers
  • Inspecting a flower
    Inspecting a flower
  • Journal art
    Journal art
  • Journal reflections
    Journal reflections
  • Journal writing
    Journal writing
  • Journaling
  • Kid krummholz
    Kid krummholz
  • Kid trees
    Kid trees
  • Meghan and 6 year old
    Meghan and 6 year old
  • Meghan and children
    Meghan and children
  • Nick's project
    Nick's project
  • Niwot Ridge journal art
    Niwot Ridge journal art
  • Rock climbing
    Rock climbing
  • Sandy and kids on snow slide
    Sandy and kids on snow slide
  • Snow slide
    Snow slide
  • Snow slide 2
    Snow slide 2
  • Summer snow slide
    Summer snow slide
  • Summit consultation
    Summit consultation
  • Summit viewing (Sandy)
    Summit viewing (Sandy)
  • Teacher and student
    Teacher and student
  • Trail to Tundra Lab
    Trail to Tundra Lab
  • I caught a moth
    I caught a moth
  • At SnoTel
    At SnoTel
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