Leah digs out the loggerbox from about 3 m of snow in May 2011 on Niwot Ridge (3528 m) in order to download snow depth data. Photo by Leah Meromy, May 2011. - See more at:

The Niwot LTER provides opportunities for undergraduate students to gain direct experience with ecological principles and research experiments in the field. These opportunities are available to undergraduate students at CU through field courses taught at the Mountain Reseach Station and to undergraduate students from other universities through participation in the Research Experience for Undergraduates program. 

The Mountain Research Station (MRS) runs upper division undergraduate field courses during the summer and winter, designed to give students direct hand-on experience and training in advanced research techniques.  The courses have low enrollment (10-20 students), and each course emphasizes informal interaction with the instructors and fellow students. Course credit is readily transferable to other institutions and meets the field course requirements for CU's Environmental Studies program.

For more information on field courses, please visiti the MRS website

REU students at the D1 climate station on Niwot Ridge, photo credit: JG Smith

REU students at the D1 climate station on Niwot Ridge, photo credit: JG Smith

The NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program provides students with the opportunity to participate in faculty-led research projects at the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station (MRS).  REU students typically focus on a well-defined research question that is part of a larger research effort. REUs may have the opportunity to present their resesearch in a poster at the tri-annual LTER All Scientists Meeting or to co-author papers based on their research.

The goal of the REU program is to train promising undergraduate students in modern research methods in the related disciplines of ecology, evolution and behavior using mentored independent research, and to encourage undergraduate students, especially members of groups traditionally underrepresented in the sciences and those with little or no exposure to research opportunities, to enter graduate school in the biological sciences.

For more information about the University of Colorado REU program, the faculty involved, the host site, and the application process, please visit the MRS website

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Outreach partners:

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