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Bourgeron, Patrick


Patrick S. Bourgeron

PhD, University Denis Diderot (formerly Paris VII), 1978



Integrated ecological assessments, conservation ecology, ecosystem ecology, landscape ecology, plant ecology, conservation and land use planning, ecosystem management, biogeography, statistical and numerical modeling, biological diversity, ecological classification and mapping, technology transfer, strategic planning for science and conservation programs, communication outreach, managing system and organizational change

Disciplines: Plant/vegetation ecology • Socio-ecological systems




Wildfire risk as a socioecological pathology.

Fischer, A. Paige, Spies, Thomas A., Steelman, Toddi A., Moseley, Cassandra, Johnson, Bart R., Bailey, John D., Ager, Alan A., Bourgeron, Patrick, et al., Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, 14, 5, 276-284, DOI: 10.1002/fee.1283,


The impact of biodiversity (ecosystem integrity) change on tradeoffs among ecosystem services, stakeholders and components of well-being.

Maass, M., Balvanera, P., Bourgeron, P., Equihua, M., Baudry, J., Dick, J., Forsius, M., Halada, L., Krauze, K., Nakaoka, M., Orenstein, D.E., Parr, T.W., Redman, C.L., Rozzi, R., Santos-Reis, M., Swemmer, A.M., Vadineanu, A., Ecology and Society, 21, 3, DOI: 10.5751/ES-08587-210331,


The forest–alpine ecotone: a multi-scale approach to spatial and temporal dynamics of treeline change at Niwot Ridge.

Bourgeron, PS, Humphries, HC, Liptzin, D, Seastedt, TR, Plant Ecology and Diversity, 8, 5-6, 763-779, DOI: 10.1080/17550874.2015.1126368,


Synthesis and conclusions to the international symposium on ecohydrology, biotechnology and engineering: Towards harmony between the biogeosphere and society on the basis of Long-Term Ecosystem Resear.

Moss, B., Bidoglio, G., Pietrowsky, R., Breil, P., Bourgeron, P., Cullmann, J., Arduino, G., Jasser, I., Magnuszewski, A., Orenstein, D., Piper, G., Ratajski, S., Xia, J., Krauze, K., Wagner, I., Zalewski, M., Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology, 14, 1-13, DOI: 10.1016/j.ecohyd.2014.03.001,


Using long-term ecosystem service and biodiversity data to study the impacts of and adaptation options in response to climate change: insights from the global ILTER sites network.

Vihervaara, P., D'Amato, D., Forsius, M., Angelstam, P., Baessler, C., Balvanera, P., Boldgiv, B., Bourgeron, P., Dick, J., Kanka, R., Klotz, S., Maass, M., Melecis, V., Petrik, P., Shibata, H., Twang, J., Thompson, J., Zacharias, S., Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, 5, 1, 53-66, DOI: 10.1016/j.cosust.2012.11.002,


Maps and Locals (MALS): A Cross-Site LTER Comparative Study of Land-Cover and Land-Use Change with Spatial Analysis and Local Ecological Knowledge.

Humphries, H.C., Bourgeron, P.S., LTER Databits, Spring 2012,


Sensitivity analysis of land unit suitability for conservation using a knowledge-based system.

Humphries, H.C., Bourgeron, P.S., Reynolds, K.M., Environmental Management, 46, 225-236, DOI: 10.1007/s00267-010-9515-1,


Regional analysis of social-ecological systems.

Bourgeron, P.S., Humphries, H.C., Riboli-Sasco, L., Natures Sciences Societes, 17, 185-193,


Tree spatial patterns and environmental relationships in the forest-alpine tundra ecotone at Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA.

Humphries, H.C., Bourgeron, P.S., Mujica-Crapanzano, L.R., Ecological Research, 23, 589-605,


Development at the wildland-urban interface and the mitigation of forest-fire risk.

Spyratos, V., Bourgeron, P.S., Ghil, M., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 104, 14272-14276,


Alpine treeline of western North America: Linking organism-to-landscape dynamics.

Malanson G.P., Butler, D.R., Fagre, D.B., Walsh,S.J., Tomback, D.F., Daniels, L.D., Resler, L.M., Smith, W.K., Weiss, D.J., Peterson, D.L., Bunn, A.G., Hiemstra, C.A., Liptzin, D., Bourgeron, P.S., Shen, Z., Millar, C.I., Physical Geography, 28, 378-396,

CU Boulder

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