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Spasojevic, Marko


Marko J. Spasojevic



Plant community ecology at the interface of ecology, biogeography and conservation.

Disciplines: Plant/vegetation ecology




Spasojevic Ecology Lab


Tundra Trait Team: A database of plant traits spanning the tundra biome.

Bjorkman, A.D., Myers-Smith, I.H., Elmendorf, S.C., Normand, S., Thomas, H.J.D., Alatalo, J.M., Alexander, H. , Anadon-Rosell, A. , Angers-Blondin, S. , Bai, Y. , Baruah, G. , Beest, M., Berner, L. , Bjork, R.G., Blok, D. , Global Ecology and Biogeography, DOI: 10.1111/geb.12821,


Plant functional trait change across a warming tundra biome.

Bjorkman, A.D., et. al., Nature, 562, 57–62, DOI: 10.1038/s41586-018-0563-7,


Patterns of root colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and dark septate endophytes across a mostly-unvegetated, high-elevation landscape.

Bueno de Mesquita, C, Sartwell, S.A., Ordermann, E.V., Porazinska, D.L., Farrer, E.C., King, A.J., Spasojevic, M.J., Smith, J.G., Suding, K.N., Schmidt, S.K, Fungal Ecology, 36, 63-74, DOI: 10.1016/j.funeco.2018.07.009,


Plant diversity and density predict belowground diversity and function in an early successional alpine ecosystem.

Porazinska, D.T., Farrer, E.C., Spasojevic, M.J., Bueno de Mesquita, C.P., Sartwell, S.A., Smith, J.G., White, C.T., King, A.J., Suding, K.N., Schmidt, S.K., Ecology, 99, 9, 1942-1952, DOI: 10.1002/ecy.2420,


Mapping local and global variability in plant trait distributions.

Butler, E. E. , Datta, A., Flores-Moreno, H., Chen, M. , Wythers, K.R. , Fazayeli, F. , Banerjee, A. , Atkin, O. , Kattge, J. , Amiaud, B. , Blonder, B. , Boenisch, G. , Bond-Lamberty, B. , Brown, K.A., Byun, C. , et al. , Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 51, E10937-E10946, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1708984114,


Habitat filtering determines the functional niche occupancy of plant communities worldwide.

Li, Y., Shipley, B., Price, J.N., Dantas, V, Tamme, R. , Westoby, M. , Siefert, A. , Schamp, B.S., Spasojevic, M. J. , Jung, V. , Laughlin, D. C., Richardson, S. J., Bagousse‐Pinguet, Y. L., Schöb, C. , Gazol, A. , Prentice, H. C., Gross, N. , Overton, J. , Cianciaruso, M. V. , Louault, F. , Kamiyama, C., Nakashizuka, T. , Hikosaka, K. , Sasaki, T. , Katabuchi, M. , Dussault, C. F. , Gaucherand, S. , Chen, N. , Vandewalle, M. , Batalha, M. A. , Journal of Ecology, 106, 3, 1001-1009, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2745.12802,

CU Boulder

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