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Williams, Mark


Mark W. Williams

PhD, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1991
Office: 303 492-8830
Fax: 303 492-6388



Research focuses on the ecology of mountain areas, looking at the interaction of organisms with their environment, focusing on classical environmental variables such as soil, rocks, and minerals as well as surrounding water sources and the local atmosphere. Current and past mountain areas studied include: the Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada of California, the Tien Shan and Qilian Shan, China, Andes of South America, European Alps, and the Himalayas

Disciplines: Hydrology • Biogeochemistry




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Surface and subsurface water contributions to streamflow from a mesoscale watershed in complex mountain terrain.

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Initial design of data sharing infrastructure for the Critical Zone Observatory.

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Expanding Long-Term Ecological Research to an alpine network.

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DayCent-Chem simulations of ecological and biogeochemical processes of eight mountain ecosystems in the United States.

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Headwater catchments of the Boulder Creek watershed.

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