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Species effects on resource supply rates: do they influence competitive interactions?.

Suding, K.N., Larson, J., Thorsos, E., Steltzer, H., Bowman, W.B., Plant Ecology 175 :47-58


Seedling establishment and life history trade-offs in alpine plants.

Forbis, T.A., Doak, D.F., American Journal of Botany 91 (7) :1147-1153


Seasonal changes in an alpine soil bacterial community in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Lipson, D.A., Schmidt, S.K., Applied Environmental Microbiology 70 :2867-2879


Integron diversity in heavy metal contaminated mine tailings and inferences about integron origin and evolution.

Nemergut, D.R., Martin, A.P., Schmidt, S.K., Applied Environmental Microbiology 70 :1160-1168


Molecular and metabolic characterization of cold tolerant, alpine soil Pseudomonas, sensu stricto.

Meyer, A.F., Lipson, D.A., Schadt, C.W., Martin, A.P., Schmidt, S.K., Applied Environmental Microbiology 70 :483-489


Microbial growth under the snow: Implications for nutrient and allelochemical availability in temperate soils.

Schmidt, S.K., Lipson, D.A., Plant and Soil 259 :1-7


Impacts of chronic nitrogen additions vary seasonally and by microbial functional group in tundra soils.

Schmidt, S.K., Lipson, D.A., Ley, R.E., Fisk, M.C., West, A.E., Biogeochemistry 69 :1-17


Microbial population dynamics in an extreme environment: controlling factors in talus soils at 3750 m in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Ley, R.L., Williams, M.W., Schmidt, S.K., Biogeochemistry 68 :313-335


Source waters and flow paths in an alpine catchment, Colorado Front Range, United States.

Liu, F., Williams, M.W., Caine, N., Water Resources Research 40 :W09401 , DOI: 10.1029/2004WR003076


Litter effects of two co-occurring alpine species on plant growth, microbial activity and immobilization of nitrogen.

Bowman, W.D., Steltzer, H., Rosenstiel, T.N., Cleveland, C.C., Meier, C.L., Oikos 104 :336-344


Synergism of nutrients and humic acid in accrual of periphytic biomass in a subalpine stream, Colorado Front Range.

Toetz, D., Payton, M.E., Journal of Freshwater Ecology 19 (1) :35-40


The landscape continuum: A model for high elevation ecosystems.

Seastedt, T.R., Bowman, W.D., Caine, T.N., McKnight, D., Townsend, A., Williams, M.W., Bioscience 54 (2) :111-121


Temporal patterns in seedling establishment on pocket gopher disturbances.

Forbis, T.A., Larmore, J., Addis, E., Oecologia 138 :112-121


The effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and southern Wyoming, USA - a critical review.

Burns, D.A., Environmental Pollution 127 :257-269

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