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The response of alpine plants to environmental change: Feedbacks to ecosystem function.

Bowman, W.D., Global Change and Mountain Regions (A State of Knowledge Overview), Huber, U., Buggmann, H., and Reasoner, M., Springer, Dordrecht


Do individual plant species show predictable responses to nitrogen addition across multiple experiments?.

Pennings, S.C., Clark, C.M., Cleland, E.E., Collins, S.L., Gough, L., Gross, K.L., Milchunas, D.G., Suding, K.N., Oikos 110 (3) :547-555


Litter N retention over winter for a low and a high phenolic species in the alpine tundra.

Steltzer, H., Bowman, W.D., Plant and Soil 275 :361-370


Photogrammetric analysis of Front Range rock glacier flow rates.

Janke, J.R., Geografiska Annaler Series A-Physical Geography 87A (4) :515-526


Long-term flow measurements (1961-2002) of the Arapaho, Taylor, and Fair rock glaciers, Front Range, Colorado.

Janke, J.R., Physical Geography 26 (4) :313-336


Fluorescence spectroscopy reveals ubiquitous presence of oxidized and reduced quinones in dissolved organic matter.

Cory, R.M., McKnight, D., Environmental Science & Technology 39 (21) :8142-8149


Sources of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in a Rocky Mountain stream using chemical fractionation and stable isotopes.

Hood, E., Williams, M.W., McKnight, D., Biogeochemistry 74 (2) :231-255


Recovery of microbially-mediated processes in soil augmented with a pentachlorophenol-mineralizing bacterium.

Colores, G.M., Schmidt, S.K., Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 24 :1912-1917


Structure and function of alpine and arctic soil microbial communities.

Nemergut, D.R., Costello, E., Meyer, A.F., Pescador, M.Y., Weintraub, M.N., Schmidt, S.K., Research in Microbiology 156 :775-784


Linking aboveground and belowground ecology: a temporal approach.

Bardgett, R.D., Bowman, W.D., Kaufmann, R., Schmidt, S.K., Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20 :634-641


The northern pocket gopher (Thomomys talpoides) as an organizer of alpine plant community structure, Niwot Ridge, CO.

Sherrod, S.K., Seastedt, T.R., Walker, M.D., Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 37 (4) :585-590


Functional- and abundance-based mechanisms explain diversity loss due to N fertilization.

Suding, K.N., Collins, S.L., Gough, L., Clark, C., Cleland, E.E., Gross, K.L., Milchunas, D.G., Pennings, S., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (12) :4387-4392


Persistence of topographic controls on the spatial distribution of snow in rugged mountain terrain, Colorado, United States.

Erickson, T.A., Williams, M.W., Winstral, A., Water Resources Research 41 (4) :W04014 , DOI: 10.1029/2003WR002973


The effect of recycling on plant competitive hierarchies.

Clark, B.R., Hartley, S.E., Suding, K.N., de Mazancourt, C., American Naturalist 165 (6) :609-622


Energy flow, body size, and community structure in small mammal communities.

Ernest, S.K.M., Ecology 86 :1407-1413


The occurrence of alpine permafrost in the Front Range of Colorado.

Janke, J.R., Geomorphology 67 :375-389


The Biogeochemistry of phosphorus across an alpine topographic/snow gradient.

Litaor, M.I., Seastedt, T.R., Walker, M.D., Carbone, M., Townsend, A., Geoderma 124 :49-61

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