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Linking snowpack microphysics and albedo evolution.

Flanner, M.G., Zender, C.S., Journal of Geophysical Research 111 :D12208 , DOI: 10.1029/2005JD006834


The role of dissolved organic matter in accrural of periphytic biomass in a subalpine stream, Colorado Front Range.

Toetz, D., Payton, M., Journal of Freshwater Ecology 21 (4) :613-620


An old dog with new tricks: An automated, dry-deposition Tauber trap.

Reese, C.A., Grana 45 (4) :257-260


Microbial diversity in alpine tundra wet meadow soil: novel Chloroflexi from a cold, water-saturated environment.

Costello, E.K., Schmidt, S.K., Environmental Microbiology 8 (8) :1471-1486


Biogeography and landscape-scale diversity of the dominant crenarchaeota of soil.

Oline, D.K., Schmidt, S.K., Grant, M.C., Microbial Ecology 52 (3) :480-490


Nitrogen and carbon storage in alpine plants.

Monson, R.K., Rosenstiel, T.N., Forbis, T.A., Lipson, D.A., Jaeger, C.H., Integrative and Comparative Biology 46 (1) :35-48


Antarctic climate cooling and response of diatoms in glacial meltwater streams.

Esposito, R.M.M., Horn, S.L., McKnight, D.M., Cox, M.J., Grant, M.C., Spaulding, S.A., Doran, P.T., Cozzetto, K.D., Geophysical Research Letters 33 (7) :L07406 , DOI: 10.1029/2006GL025903


The contribution of beneath-snow soil respiration to total ecosystem respiration in a high-elevation, subalpine forest.

Monson, R.K., Burns, S.P., Williams, M.W., Delany, A.C., Weintraub, M., Lipson, D.A., Global Biogeochemical Cycles 20 (3) :GB3030 , DOI: 10.1029/2005GB002684


Preface - Contribution from glaciers and snow cover to runoff from mountains in different climates - Special issue.

Hock, R., Rees, G., Williams, M.W., Ramirez, E., Hydrological Processes 20 (10) :2089-2090


Responses to experimental warming across the tundra biome.

Walker, M.D., Wahren, C.H., Hollister, R.D., Henry, G.H.R., Ahlquist, L.E., Alatalo, J.M., Bret-Harte, M.S., Calef, M.P., Callaghan, T.V., Carroll, A.B., Epstein, H.E., Jonsdottir, I.S., Klein, J.A., Magnusson, B., Molau, U., Oberbauer, S.F., Rewa, S.P., Robinson, C.H., Shaver, G.R., Suding, K.N., Thompson, C.C., Tolvanen, A., Totland, O., Turner, P.L., Tweedie, C.E., Webber, P.J., Wookey, P.A., Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 103 (5) :1342-1346


The consequence of species loss on ecosystem nitrogen cycling depends on community composition.

Suding, K.N., Miller, A.E., Bechtold, H., Bowman, W.D., Oecologia 149 :141-149


Nitrogen critical loads for alpine vegetation and terrestrial ecosystem response: Are we there yet?.

Bowman, W.D., Gartner, J.L., Holland, K., Wiedermann, M., Ecological Applications 16 :1183-1193


Hyporheic exchange and fulvic acid redox reactions in an alpine stream/wetland ecosystem, Colorado Front Range.

Miller, M.P, McKnight, D.M., Cory, R.M., Williams, M.W., Runkel, R.L., Environmental Science and Technology 40 (19) :5943-5949


Geochemistry and source waters of rock glacier outflow, Colorado Front Range.

Williams, M.W., Knauf, M., Caine, N., Liu, F., Verplanck, P.L., Permafrost and Periglacial Processes 17 :13-33


Winter forest soil respiration controlled by climate and microbial community composition.

Monson, R.K. , Lipson, D.L., Burns, S.P., Turnipseed, A.A., Delany, A.C., Williams, M.W., Schmidt, S.K., Nature 439 :711-714

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