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The missing fungi - New insights from culture-independent molecular studies of soil.

Schmidt, S.K., Wilson, K.L., Meyer, A.F., Porter, T.M., Schadt, C.W., Moncalvo, J.M., Accessing Uncultivated Microorganisms, Zengler, K., ASM Press, Washington DC


The effects of tree rhizodeposition on soil exoenzyme activity, dissolved organic carbon, and nutrient availability in a subalpine forest ecosystem.

Weintraub, M.N., Scott-Denton, L.E., Schmidt, S.K., Monson, R.K., Oecologia 154 :327-338


Widespread occurrence and phylogenetic placement of a soil clone group adds a prominent new branch to the fungal tree of life.

Porter, T.M., Schadt, C.W., Rizvi, L., Martin, A.P., Schmidt, S.K., Scott-Denton, L., Vilgalys, R., Moncalvo, J.-M., Molecular Phylogenetics & Evolution 46 :635-644


Ozone in interstitial air of the mid-latitude, seasonal snowpack at Niwot Ridge, Colorado.

Bocquet, F., Helmig, D., Oltmans, S.J., Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 39 :375-387


Plant uptake of inorganic and organic nitrogen: neighbor identity matters.

Miller, A.E., Bowman, W.D., Suding, K.N., Ecology 88 (7) :1832-1840


20th-century variations in area of cirque glaciers and glacierets, Rocky Mountain National Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA.

Hoffman, M.J., Fountain, A.G., Achuff, J.M., Annals of Glaciology 46 :349-354


Environmental and plant community determinants of species loss following nitrogen enrichment.

Clark, C.M., Cleland, E.E., Collins, S.L., Fargione, J.E., Gough, L., Gross, K.L., Ecology Letters 10 (7) :596-607


Canopy uptake of atmospheric N deposition at a conifer forest: Part II - response of chlorophyll fluorescence and gas exchange parameters.

Tomaszewski, T., Sievering, H., Tellus Series B-Chemical and Physical Meteorology 59 (3) :493-501


Canopy uptake of atmospheric N deposition at a conifer forest: part I - canopy N budget, photosynthetic efficiency and net ecosystem exchange.

Sievering, H., Tomaszewski, T., Torizzo, J, Tellus Series B-Chemical and Physical Meteorology 59 (3) :483-492


Nitrate content and potential microbial signature of rock glacier outflow, Colorado Front Range.

Williams, M.W., Knauf, M., Cory, R., Caine, N., Liu, F.J., Earth Surface Processes 32 (7) :1032-1047


Estimating sublimation of intercepted and sub-canopy snow using eddy covariance systems.

Molotch, N.P., Blanken, P.D., Williams, M.W., Turnipseed, A.A., Monson, R.K., Margulis, S.A., Hydrological Processes 21 (12) :1567-1575


Biogeochemical consequences of rapid microbial turnover and seasonal succession in soil.

Schmidt, S.K., Costello, E.K., Nemergut, D.R., Cleveland, C.C., Reed, S.C., Weintraub, M.N., Meyer, A.F., Martin, A.P., Ecology 88 :1379-1385


Decomposition rates of buried substrates increase with altitude in the forest-alpine tundra ecotone.

Withington, C.L., Sanford, R.L., Soil Biology and Biochemistry 39 (1) :68-75


Relationships between temperature responses and bacterial community structure along seasonal and altitudinal gradients.

Lipson, D.A., Fems Microbiology Ecology 59 (2) :418-427


Development at the wildland-urban interface and the mitigation of forest-fire risk.

Spyratos, V., Bourgeron, P.S., Ghil, M., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 :14272-14276

Niwot personnel authors: Patrick S. Bourgeron


Microbial community succession in unvegetated, recently-deglaciated soils.

Nemergut, D.R., Anderson, S.P., Cleveland, C.C., Martin, A.P., Miller, A.E., Seimon, A., Schmidt, S.K., Microbial Ecology 53 :110-122


Alpine treeline of western North America: Linking organism-to-landscape dynamics.

Malanson G.P., Butler, D.R., Fagre, D.B., Walsh,S.J., Tomback, D.F., Daniels, L.D., Resler, L.M., Smith, W.K., Weiss, D.J., Peterson, D.L., Bunn, A.G., Hiemstra, C.A., Liptzin, D., Bourgeron, P.S., Shen, Z., Millar, C.I., Physical Geography 28 :378-396

Niwot personnel authors: Patrick S. Bourgeron

CU Boulder

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Cooperative Agreement #DEB-1637686. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in the material are those of the author(s) and do not necesarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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