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The missing fungi - New insights from culture-independent molecular studies of soil.

Schmidt, S.K., Wilson, K.L., Meyer, A.F., Porter, T.M., Schadt, C.W., Moncalvo, J.M., Accessing Uncultivated Microorganisms: From the Environment to Organisms and Genomes and Back, Zengler, K., ASM Press, Washington DC

Niwot personnel authors: Steven K. Schmidt


Evaluating regional patterns in nitrate sources to watersheds in National Parks of the Rocky Mountains using nitrate isotopes.

Nanus, L., Williams, M.W., Campbell, D., Elliot, E.M., Kendall, C., Environmental Science and Technology 42 :6487-6493


Water and mining conflicts in Peru.

Bebbington, A., Williams, M., Mountain Research and Development 28 (3/4) :190-195


Snowmelt runoff modelling in an arid mountain watershed, Tarim Basin, China.

Li, X., Williams, M.W., Hydrological Processes 22 (19) :3931-3940


The effects of chronic nitrogen fertilization on alpine tundra soil microbial communities: implications for carbon and nitrogen cycling.

Nemergut, D.R., Townsend, A.R., Sattin, S.R., Freeman, K.R., Fierer, N., Neff, J.C., Bowman, W.D., Schadt, C.W., Weintraub, M.N., Schmidt, S.K., Environmental Microbiology 10 (11) :3093-3105


Combining sediment analysis and seismic refraction to describe the structure, thickness, and distribution of periglacial slope deposits at Niwot Ridge, Rocky Mountains Front Range, Colorado, USA.

Leopold, M., Dethier, D., Volkel, J., Raab, T., Zeitschrift fur Geomorphologie Supplement 2 :77-94


Using geophysical methods to study the shallow subsurface of a sensitive alpine environment, Niwot Ridge, Colorado Front Range, U.S.A..

Leopold, M., Dethier, D., Volkel, J., Raab, T., Rikert, T.C., Caine, N., Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 40 (3) :519-530


Links between plant litter chemistry, species diversity, and below-ground ecosystem function.

Meier, C.L., Bowman, W.D., Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 105 :19780-19785


Negative impact of nitrogen deposition on soil buffering capacity.

Bowman, W.D., Cleveland, C.C., Halada, L., Hresko, J., Baron, J.S., Nature Geoscience 1 :767-770


The earliest stages of ecosystem succession in high-elevation (5000 meters above sea level), recently de-glaciated soils.

Schmidt, S.K., Reed, S.C., Nemergut, D.R., Grandy, A.S., Cleveland, C.C., Costello, E.K., Weintraub, M.N., Hill, A.W., Meyer, A.F., Martin, A.P., Neff, J.C., Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 275 :2793-2802


Phylogeny and ecophysiology of opportunistic "snow molds" from a sub-alpine forest ecosystem.

Schmidt, S.K., Wilson, K.L., Gebauer, M.M., Meyer, A.F., King, A.J., Microbial Ecology 56 (4) :681-687


High levels of microbial biomass and activity in unvegetated tropical and temperate alpine soils.

King, A.J., Meyer, A.F., Schmidt. S.K., Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40 (10) :2605-2610


Phenolic-rich leaf carbon fractions differentially influence microbial respiration and plant growth.

Meier, C.L., Oecologia 158 :95-107


Estimating stream chemistry during the snowmelt pulse using a spatially distributed, coupled snowmelt and hydrochemical modeling approach.

Molotch, N.P., Meixner, T., Williams, M.W., Water Resources 44 :W11429 , DOI: 10.1029/2007WR006587


Plant and microbe contribution to community resilience in a directionally changing environment.

Suding, K.N., Ashton, I., Bechtold, H., Bowman, W., Mobley, M., Winkleman. R., Ecological Monographs 78 :313-329


Scale-dependent responses of plant diversity to nitrogen enrichment.

Chalcraft, D., Cox, S., Cleland, E.E., Clark, C.M., Suding, K.N., Weiher, E., Pennington, D., Ecology 89 :2165-2171


Species responses to nitrogen fertilization in herbaceous plant communities and associated species traits.

Cleland, E.E., Clark, C.M., Collins, S.L., Fargione, J.E., Gough, L., Gross, K.L., Milchunas, D.G., Pennings, S.C., Bowman, W.D., Burke, I.C., Lauenroth, W.K., Robertson, G.P., Simpson, J.C., Tilman, D., Suding. K.N., Ecology 89 :1175


Mycorrhizal and dark-septate fungi in plant roots above 4270 meters elevation in the Andes and Rocky Mountains.

Schmidt, S.K., Sobieniak-Wiseman, L.C., Kageyama, S.A., Halloy, S.R.P., Schadt, C.W., Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research 40 :576-583


Tree spatial patterns and environmental relationships in the forest-alpine tundra ecotone at Niwot Ridge, Colorado, USA.

Humphries, H.C., Bourgeron, P.S., Mujica-Crapanzano, L.R., Ecological Research 23 :589-605

Niwot personnel authors: Hope C. Humphries, Patrick S. Bourgeron


Nutrient status in alpine soils of the Colorado Front Range using the nitrogen/phosphorus ratio index.

Litaor, M.I., Seastedt, T.R., Sackett, L.C., Soil Science Society of America Journal 72 :1628-1636


Effects of nutrient enrichment on phytoplankton in an alpine lake, Colorado, U.S.A..

Gardner, E.M., McKnight, D.M., Lewis, W.M., Miller, M.P., Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 40 (1) :55-64


Nitrogen preferences and plant-soil feedbacks as influenced by neighbors in the alpine tundra.

Ashton, I.W., Miller, A.E., Bowman, W.D., Suding, K., Oecologia 156 :625-636


Carbon flux from plants to soil: Roots are a below-ground source of phenolic secondary compounds in an alpine ecosystem.

Meier, C.L., Bowman, W.D., Suding, K., Journal of Ecology 96 :421-430


Review: Optical remote sensing of glacier characteristics: a review with focus on the Himalaya.

Racoviteanu, A., Williams, M.W., Barry, R.G., Sensors 8 :3355-3383


Decadal changes in glacial parameters for the Cordillera Blanca, Peru derived from SPOT 5 satellite imagery and aerial photography.

Racoviteanu, A., Arnaud, Y., Williams, M.W., Zapata, M., Ordonez, J., Journal of Glaciology 54 (186) :499-510


Predicting and understanding ecosystem responses to climate change at continental scales.

Marshall, J.D., Blair, J.M., Peters, D., Okin, G., Rango, A., Williams, M., Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6 (5) :273-280


Topographic controls on snow distribution, soil moisture, and species diversity of herbaceous alpine vegetation, Niwot Ridge, Colorado.

Litaor, M.I., Williams, M.W., Seastedt, T.R., Journal of Geophysical Research 113 (G2) :G02008 , DOI: 10.1029/2007JG000419


Climate change in western ski areas: Potential changes in the timing of wet avalanches and snow quality for the Aspen ski area in the years 2030 and 2100.

Lazar, B., Williams, M.W., Cold Regions Science and Technology 51 :219-228


Lakes and streams as sentinels of environmental change in terrestrial and atmospheric processes.

Williamson, C.E., Dodds, W., Kratz, T.K., Palmer, M.A., Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6 (5) :247-254 , DOI: 10.1890/070140


Rank clocks and plant community dynamics.

Collins, S.L, Suding, K.N., Cleland, E.E., Batty, M., Pennings, S., Gross, K., Grace, J., Gough, L., Fargione, J., Clark, C., Ecology 89 :3534-3541


Spatial and temporal variations in DOM composition in ecosystems: The importance of long-term monitoring of optical properties.

Jaffe, R., McKnight, D., Maie, N., Cory, R., McDowell, W.H., Campbell, J.L., Journal of Geophysical Research 113 :G04032 , DOI: 10.1029/2008JG000683

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